Month: May 2018

  • You can’t ship laptop batteries to Alaska

    This sucks. You can’t bring a battery through security (as carry-on luggage) unless it’s powering a device. So that eliminates replacement batteries for a device you aren’t carrying with you. And you can’t take a lithium battery as checked luggage in passenger aircraft. Period. Nor does there appear to be any way (for a consumer)  […]

  • App Store Perils

    Despite its undeniable convenience, I dislike Apple’s “App Store” for several reasons. The first is that Apple uses it to make developers dance to whatever tune Apple is playing that day. (This is part of their general philosophy of totalitarian control of everything, everywhere.) As a former developer myself, my attitude is “Screw them.” But […]

  • Should I repair an old Macbook Pro?

    I’m thinking about fixing an old computer. It’s a 2009 MacBook Pro. It needs a new hard drive. A replacement for the original 320 GB drive costs $30 but I’d love an SSD for $100 or more. It needs a new battery. Those will cost another $100. And it probably warrants a RAM upgrade as well. That […]