Command Line Utilities in Rust

To install one of these, do

$ cargo install crate-name

(assuming you’ve got a working Rust installation). I found these via awesome-rust,, and other places out there on the intertubes.

bat – more like more, pg, less, and most than cat, but whatever

broot – directory tree navigation tool

cw – like wc but different

diffr – a diff tool (about which see my posting and the other one)

ddh – directory differential tool

dfrs – like df but a bit fancier

ds (a/k/a diskspace) – like du but simpler and colorful.

dust (a/k/a du-dust) – like du but more intuitive. See also spruce and ds.

dutree – analyze disk usage

exa – like ls but different. See also lsd.

fd (a/k/a fd-find) – like find but better

ff – like find but better (see also fd)

fselect – like find but with SQL-inspired syntax

hexyl – a simple hex dumper

hx – futuristic hex dump utility

jql – JSON query language

just – like Make or maybe Rake.

lsd – like ls but different. See also exa.

mdcat – render Markdown on the command line

petname – generator of plausible names

renamer – file/folder renamer (see my posting about these)

rnr – file/folder renamer (see renamer)

ripgrep – better grep replacement inspired by ack and ag (the silver searcher)

sd – like sed but better

spruce – like du but different

svgcleaner – cleans up SVG files

sxor – streaming xor utility

tldr – solution to man pages like the one for bash 🙂

xsv – manipulate CSV files on the command line

yj – convert YAML to JSON

Also, if you need a tool and can’t be bothered to get macports (e.g.) working, consider looking at the coreutils implemented in Rust page.