Sorting people geographically

Well, I spent most of my day off doing it, but it was fun and it was programming, so I guess that’s still a “sabbath” of sorts.

The problem was to sort all the people in church geographically, so that, when the deacons divide them up into groups, each deacon can have a group that’s concentrated in one region.

I’m still doing something wrong in one of my joins, but select distinct sorted that out. (Put a band-aid on it, more likely.)

Anyway, I just mention this because I wanted an excused to enthuse over Google maps. They keep messing with it, and at least 75% of the changes are positive. For example, if you zoom in on a street in maps view, you will eventually get to the point where it gives you street numbers. Cool.

And if you switch to satellite view and/or terrain, it will help you define geographic zones that make more sense than simple grid squares. Witness my town of Yucca Valley, seen from way up high.

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  1. Hank says:


    And on top of all that, you get StreetView, if the Google camera truck has made the rounds of your town (which I guess it hasn’t).

    Happy New Year to you and yours!


  2. Luke says:

    Hank, they’ve made at least one trip. A number of the larger streets in town have been street-viewed, but, sadly, neither the street I live on nor the one the church is on. (We have it so rough today. Google hasn’t taken photos of my street yet. Boo hoo.)

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