Getting my kicks…

…in Clinton, Oklahoma, where we visited the Oklahoma Route 66 museum here today. Route 66 has a special significance to all veterans of Dr. W’s Summer Greek, so I was careful to get some photos I can mail him someday when I get a proper computer setup, Real Soon Now.

My computer setup right now is anything but. I’m blogging from a hotel lobby. They have free wireless high-speed internet, like just about everyone else on the interstate, but I’ve got an old iBook G3. I never got Airport for it, because it cost too much. It wouldn’t cost anything to add it now, if it was an Intel box running windows, but Macs are basically un-upgradeable by design once they’ve left the factory.

I’ll sign off now; I was only checking my email. (Yecch! I had to use Internet Exploder. I wonder what kind of spyware is monitoring my keystrokes and where it’s being emailed.)

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