Truly moved in.

We have definitely moved in. I spent the morning assembling my new elliptical trainer (a close relative of this). The Tony Little Gazelle was giving me calluses on my feet, and it was always meant to be a stop-gap. Now that we’re in our permanent home, I could get a true elliptical again. It’s been about 10 weeks since I did any exercise (not counting loading and unloading moving vans) but I was able to do 25 minutes tonight.

We also got NetFlix. The first set of discs to arrive were:

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, disc 6. I’d seen all the rest of that season, courtesy of the Mercer County Library, but that final disc (a 2-part season finale, go figure) was scratched beyond the ability of my DVD player to play.
  2. The Empire Strikes Back original theatrical release on DVD. I thought about buying these, so all my other Star Wars discs could have company on the shelf, but I came to my senses in time. They don’t pay pastors enough for that kind of foolishness, but now I have it on DVD temporarily. Then, hypothetically speaking, counsellor, I suppose I might have used Wiretap to record for my own fair-use rip/mix/burn purposes the instructions Darth Vader gives to his flunkies 1:53:07 into the movie.
  3. Walking With Dinosaurs. A bone thrown to the next generation. Actually, I like these too.

The next thing in my queue is Back to the Future. I’d have a copy of my own already, except it appears to come only in a three-pack. The other two movies are watchable, but nothing I have to own.

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