Happy Thanksgiving!

I made some updates to old posts instead of writing new ones. (If you understand this pattern of behavior, you’ll understand why I want to install a wiki instead of a blog.) Anyway, I don’t have anything to write. (Now. Later I’ll update this. See above.)

We’ve got family here for Thanksgiving. Right now, they’re off climbing rocks or something. Good weather for it: high overcast but the temperature’s in the 70s.

Me, I’ve been at work, writing a sermon about how Christ is a king. I get to talk about history, viz., Pontius Pilate — did Mel Gibson give him a pass with that Noble Roman portrait in The Passion? — and theology, viz., the 3-fold office of Christ and dialectic eschatology.

The text is from John. Which I have no good commentaries for. But I do have some Bible dictionaries and theology textbooks, hence, Pilate and dialectic eschatology. It’s not that I’m writing a bad sermon. It’s just that it isn’t as anchored in the text as I might like. Or to put it another way, the texts I’m exegeting aren’t the Bible. Anyway, before I left work I ordered some commentaries from Amazon. I had previously gotten Luke squared away, since Year C starts in just 10 days, but I hadn’t planned ahead for all these random Johannine texts they scatter around throughout the liturgical year.

Here’s a self portrait of me at work. Enjoy.
Me at work. Sort of.

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