Christmas Shopping

This town doesn’t sell a 4-cup measuring cup. Not even the plastic ones. Forget Pyrex.

It’s an hour drive down to PSP (Palm SPrings, from the airport code; has nothing to do with handheld game consoles) and if the trip I made to get my new glasses a couple of weeks ago is any indication, things won’t be any better there. (But the 2-cup measuring cups will cost half-again as much there, so that’s something.)

In other news, I wrote a paragraph for the family Christmas letters. The best part assumes you watched SNL back in the 1970s and saw the routine where Garrett Morris goes into a church for absolution, and the priest (Dan Akroyd) uses a computer as part of the process. But nobody remembers that, so it will have to go, in the final letter. (Not “go in”, but “go, in”).

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