Akismet rules…

I really don’t see much need for comments on this blog. (If you want me to benefit from your thoughts, send me an email. If you want the rest of the world to see your thoughts, set up your own blog and link to whatever it is here that you are commenting on.) But I couldn’t figure out a way to configure that when I set this blog up. So we have comments.

A few weeks ago I set up “Akismet” to filter my comment spam. I was getting several comment spams a day and I had to delete them all by hand.

Then came Akismet. Today some comment spams slipped through its net and I had to delete the spams myself. I went to the management dashboard to be sure that Akismet was still working. It was. It told me it had trapped 375 spam comments. I hope that the ones I had to deal with by hand are the last for awhile, but even if they aren’t, 4:375 is a pretty good ratio.

Hmmm. I see that there are new versions of WP out now. I suppose I should upgrade. Might have something to do with these spams getting through. Sigh. No time this week.

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