The Dance

We have Netflix, and after almost a year, I’ve kind of run out of movies (and TV shows) I really, really wanted to see. Soon I’ve started to receive stuff from my 2nd tier, but I’m also watching some concert DVDs. Last night I watched Fleetwood Mac‘s The Dance.

Whoa. What a great band. Even Her Nasality was in good form. (At one point she was saying “thank you” to the audience after a song, and she grinned, and you could see just how beautiful she was back in the day.) I’m approximately clueless about all things guitar-ish, but if I weren’t, I bet I’d be pretty impressed with Lindsey Buckingham. As it is, I just like his songs and the way he plays them.

The sound was outstanding, too, much, much better than the “live album” sound that turned me off the genre years ago. As it happens, I have the album, but with 7000-odd songs in iTunes it doesn’t come up that often, and when it did, it’s easy to forget that it’s not a studio album.






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