Blogging Resumes

Do you realize that toward the end of October I published an article every day for more than a week? That has to be a first for this blog.

Part of the reason has to be MarsEdit, my new blogging buddy. I like it a lot, because it’s a thick client. (Not especially thick: it’s about like running TextEdit.) I wish I could point to some of its features and say I like those better, but honestly, I don’t. There’s something just intrinsically sucky about even the best web-based interface. I could never stand to do my work in the WordPress composition panel.

Now. What do I like about MarsEdit? Well, I like the “preview” feature (although, again, this isn’t anything WordPress doesn’t have). I like the options pane, although I’ve never thought of my “categories” as tags, which seems to be the thinking here. (Also they aren’t organized hierarchically.)

I don’t like the “media” feature, I guess because I’m too stupid. I like linking to media I’ve set up my way. But as far as I can tell, the wondrous media features of MarsEdit only work if you use Flickr (in which case, why not just copy the link yourself) or the WordPress media feature. That’s fine. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong, just that it doesn’t fit my workflow.

So what do I really like about MarsEdit? I don’t know. Probably what I like is that once I paid for it, I feel stupid if I don’t blog.

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