Why I Didn't Watch the Press Conference

Look here: four lies from the President and one from a reporter laid out by the Annenberg Center’s FactCheck.org. (Which, without casting aspersions, I think we can all agree is hardly a bastion of the Rush Limbaugh right wing. Check its staff.)

The scary thing about the piece isn’t that the President’s a liar. Nobody’s surprised by that, surely. The scary thing is the chart of Federal deficit projections midway through the “Analysis” part of the page.

This is why I don’t watch press conferences and speeches: because I don’t want to waste my time being lied to. (Well, this week I also had to try that new Mongolian Beef recipe.) There’s nothing that the President or any other politician has to say to me that I can’t wait a couple of days to hear. (I like to think of analysis pieces like this one as as the morning-after burrito for politicians.)

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