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Catalyst West 2009

I spent Thursday and Friday in Irvine at the first-ever west-coast Catalyst conference. As a whole, the conference was outstanding. (The weakest part for me was the worship music, by Hillsong United and other bands, because it was mostly unfamiliar … Continue reading

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High Speed Rail

Good grief. As if government hadn’t already spent enough money, now it’s proposing to double-down with transportation. Here’s what the BBC report about Obama’s proposal for high speed rail: US President Barack Obama has announced his “vision for high-speed rail” … Continue reading

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Digital Music

I see that Apple’s price increases are supposed to have caused Amazon to raise its own. Perhaps. Yesterday (not realizing Apple was raising prices) I finally got around to upgrading my iTunes purchases to iTunes Plus. I had 16 items, … Continue reading

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Jury Duty (or: How I Spent My Day Off)

This is Holy Week. I have to preach three different sermons in the next six days. I also have three members of my congregation in hospital settings. So of course I would be summoned to jury duty. I arrived at … Continue reading

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I'm from the Government. I'm here to help. (1 in a series)

From Slashdot today, a lengthy piece: “New Legislation Would Federalize Cybersecurity.” The bill, containing many of the recommendations of the landmark study “Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency” by the Center for Strategic and International Studies … Who is this? … Continue reading

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