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Heinlein’s Juveniles — Silly Book Challenge, #2

The second book in this very occasional series is … well, any of Heinlein’s juveniles. The cover is from the final book in the series, Have Space Suit, Will Travel (1958). It features bug-eyed monsters, space pirates, and a plucky … Continue reading

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Enlightenment As Epicureanism

But the key point at issue is the great gulf separating [the gods] from us, together with the apparent randomness of the world and the non-intervention of outside divine forces. Much of the claim to be new, ‘modern’, and indeed … Continue reading

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Hex Dump Utilities

I’ve found two new hex dump utilities, one from each of the two languages I’m learning about. They are heksa and hexyl and here’s how you get them: $ go get -u $ cargo install hexyl

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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress — Silly Book Challenge, Part 1

I’ve been challenged by a friend on one of the walled garden social media sites to list seven (?) books so that identity thieves can get started figuring out the answers to my security questions. Maybe he’s getting a cut … Continue reading

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Knives Out

We saw Knives Out last night and I enjoyed it. I figured out who did it as soon as he or she made their entrance, but I did waver in my confidence briefly near the end, only to have it … Continue reading

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Blogging again?

Bandwhich demonstrates how little I understand networking. I don’t even know if I have to be superuser to sniff an interface. A friend wrote something not unlike Sniffglue and made a business of it, back in the olden days. The … Continue reading

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