Let Elon Musk Run TSA

This is rich. One of the Thousands Standing Around who do security theater in airports says that they need a raise.

People tend to take our jobs for granted. You’re more likely to hear about long wait times or annoyance about taking off your shoes than you are about the important work we do. What you don’t hear about are the weapons we confiscate, the threats of violence we deal with, and the grueling work hours we endure in order to keep America’s skies safe.

Actually, we hear a lot about the weapons you don’t confiscate, and the snow-globes you do. And when we want to know, how, exactly, strip-searching grandma and three-year olds keeps our skies safe, you say you can’t tell us because Terrorists are watching.

What’s up with this bitching about a raise, anyway? Is it throwing out a high bid so we can negotiate back down to where we are now, instead of cutting your pay and eliminating headcount like you need? Because, as employees in a public union, you need a pay cut and worse hours.

Until 2011, our union even lacked the right to bargain over workplace conditions. While some bargaining rights were granted, we still lack many of the same rights that most federal workers are entitled to.

Organizing labor against the Federal Government is (by definition) organizing against the representatives of the people. It should be illegal. And a strike should be given the same treatment that Reagan gave PATCO.

But if I was in charge, the first thing I’d do would be to dismantle the deep state. The agency I’d start with would be the DHS, and I’d use the TSA as poster children. But if people aren’t willing to embrace my proposal, let’s at least let Elon Musk take over running it. Deadwood like this complainer would be the first ones out the door.

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