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Car Stereo – Progress Report

I always dread doing work on my car. Today’s project was to install a new stereo.

I bought the car back in March. It already had an aftermarket stereo: the JVC KD-G200. There’s nothing wrong with it. I got something like it for my previous old clunker back in ’01 or ’02 so I could listen to CDs as I drove to Greeley. But that was 10 years ago, and nobody uses CDs anymore. (In seven months, I haven’t even unpacked the ones we moved here.)

What I want now is something that will let me play my iPod through the car stereo. So for my birthday, I got the BOSS 612-UA. It doesn’t have an optical disk slot. Instead, it’s got

  • AUX IN for the iPod or other consumer electronics
  • USB socket (for a thumb drive, e.g.) (and, possibly, to provide power to your iPod if you’ve got a long drive)
  • SD card slot (you can just leave it there so it’s no big deal if you forget the thumb drive)

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New Car

The last part of moving happened today, when I bought a new old clunker to take the place of the old old clunker we unloaded back in Yucca Valley. Here it is:

New Car - Exterior

And here’s what it looks like on the inside:

New Car - Interior

(If you click through to the pictures, you not only get the option of looking at higher-res images, but you get to read all the notes with which I annotated them.)