Monthly Archives: December 2006

Comment Spam

Every day I get about 15-20 comment spams here. I think that’s about the total number of readers I’ve had since I started my first blog.

I’m going to have to get tough. I figured that it would be enough to make all comments go to moderation, that the spammer wouldn’t post 4 more comments if the first one hadn’t shown up yet. But no. So I’m going to have to find out what sort of plugins are available to auto-delete this junk.

(Sorry for not posting, by the way. It’s not that deleting comment spam takes that much time. I’m just busy is all.)

Migrated to Ubuntu

I’ve had trouble with Fedora pretty much forever, despite having used Red Hat since version 4, back in the day. I could never figure out how to set up the yum feature, and ever since I moved to FC6 I couldn’t get package updates or anything.

So, about a year after the grass started looking greener over there, I moved to Ubuntu. I’m running 6.10 (“Edgy Eff” or something like that). So far, I couldn’t be happier.

Christmas Shopping

This town doesn’t sell a 4-cup measuring cup. Not even the plastic ones. Forget Pyrex.

It’s an hour drive down to PSP (Palm SPrings, from the airport code; has nothing to do with handheld game consoles) and if the trip I made to get my new glasses a couple of weeks ago is any indication, things won’t be any better there. (But the 2-cup measuring cups will cost half-again as much there, so that’s something.)

In other news, I wrote a paragraph for the family Christmas letters. The best part assumes you watched SNL back in the 1970s and saw the routine where Garrett Morris goes into a church for absolution, and the priest (Dan Akroyd) uses a computer as part of the process. But nobody remembers that, so it will have to go, in the final letter. (Not “go in”, but “go, in”).