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I figured out how to login to it remotely. Turns out that Ubuntu comes with ssh client software but not server. (Makes sense when you put it that way.) Anyway, I figure that Ubuntu is as good a thing to do with the laptop as anything.

I mean really. It’s a G3. An 800 MHz G3 with 384 MB of RAM and a 30 GB hard drive. No airport so no wifi, and the price of adding it is prohibitive. And yet the resale value of the machine (as of this month) is about $350 or more, counting the extra battery and the other stuff I’d unload at the same time. Who would pay that much for a G3? And what would they do with it?

For not much more than that you can get a 10-lb monstrosity from Dell or Gateway or HP running Vista. You’d hate the thing in days, or even hours if you had to do anything tricky like install drivers, but it would be a real contender from a hardware standpoint. By contrast, this stupid 4-year old boat anchor is worth almost a 1/3rd of what I paid for it, which is flatly ridiculous.

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