iPod Movies

I’ll be doing some air travel this summer, and ever since I got my iPod — egad! I never wrote a blog entry about the wonder that is my iPod! what kind of lazy blogger am I? I’ll do that Real Soon Now. Anyway, about my air travel…

So, I went to the iTMS store to see what it would cost me to get a movie for the trip. I was stunned to see how much they cost. (For example, $14.99 for The Incredibles.) Very quickly I decided that I would have to make my own, because the store-bought ones were just too spendy for my limited budget. I already got a copy of The Incredibles, for example. So all I had to do was learn how to rip dvds for ipod.

By that query was I introduced to Handbrake. And you know what? It just works. I give it a “Cool Tool” award. Thumbs up.

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