Ubuntu Update

There’s plenty still to be done, but this Ubuntu looks like it’s going to work out. I’ve got wifi working and my email set up. I’m am able to play DVDs, and listen to podcasts and my MP3 music library. I can’t sync to my ipod. The Inspiron’s volume is too weak to listen to anything with headphones (much less the built-in speakers) and the rightmost of the two headphone jacks seems dead.

The mail clients I’ve tried (evolution and thunderbird) make me pine for mutt. I’ll have to get on that, learning how to POP and SMTP and IMAP in a mutt-friendly manner.

As I type this, I sure miss MarsEdit. I doubt if there’s going to be a Linux version any time soon. (And even then, could I install it as simply as “apt-get install marsedit“?) Hardly. Anyway, I’m not going to fight with wordpress tonight to put links in this post, so it’s just plain text for now.

And lots more to go with all that. But it’s enough for one day.

Update: I forgot to add an obligatory screenshot:

Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop

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