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  • Retro Terminal Emulator

    Everyone knows the command line is where it’s at. Macs have had it since the beginning of Mac OSX. Windows people are slowly coming around too, with Powershell and Console2. But what about Unix users. Any love for the graybeards? Why yes, yes there is: cool retro term. I love the jitter: Oh, and get…

  • Terra – Terminal Emulator

    Terra Terminal Emulator. For people who rebel against learning to use Screen. We’ve come a long way from the ADM-3A.

  • Blast From the Past

    I found this program called Cathode that does an incredible job of recreating the experience of writing code on a CRT display, ca. 1980–83. Many was the hour I logged on the Lear-Sigler ADM-3A — in those days time was logged, so you could pay for it. That was incredibly unfair since the I/O (for…

  • Small World / n Degrees of Separation

    I just noticed that URS, the company that bought the Military-Industrial Complex-related operations of EG&G, also owns some portion of the old Lear-Siegler corporation. I found that interesting because I used to work for EG&G, and before that, I used to do programming on the ADM-3A terminal. Small world.