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The School Bus

This stinks: Bus Driver to Eight-Year-Old: It’s Too Dangerous to Read While You Ride.

I used to read on the bus. One day I was being picked on, so I hit the @$$#073 who was bothering me with my algebra book and got off the bus at the direction of the driver. And I haven’t ridden a school bus since. That couldn’t have been later than 9th grade but it might have been 8th.

German family granted asylum in US … for Homeschooling.

Wow! The statists running the German government think it’s a bad thing for you to educate your children.

A German couple who fled to Tennessee so they could homeschool their children was granted political asylum Tuesday by a U.S. immigration judge, according to the legal group that represented them.

Remember Animal Farm. Comrade Napoleon said he’d take care of educating the dogs.

Or if fiction’s not your thing, remember Ceau?escu’s government in Romania and its orphans.

(Kudus: Big Journalism.)