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  • irb with readline on mac using rvm – vi keystrokes

    One last whack at this problem. I just got email from a reader of this blog. (Well, technically, a reader of Google, which reads everything, so I shouldn’t feel too impressed with myself.) Anyway, he found my blog post and emailed to tell me the problem with my .inputrc, which was that I needed these…

  • irb with readline

    I might have posted too soon yesterday. My irb incorporates readline now, but it appears to honor only emacs keybindings. Bummer, huh? I used to be an emacs user, so I can get by for now, but I’d really like to figure out how to get vi keybindings.

  • irb with readline on mac using rvm

    On the Mac, irb doesn’t come with readline baked in. But you can fix that with $ rvm install 1.8.7 -C \ –enable-shared,–with-readline-dir=/opt/local Kudus: Plataformatec, who uses Homebrew and thus /usr/local rather than /opt/local.