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  • MacOSX Security Updates

    I hate them, because I know they probably should be installed, but they take about an hour to install. I see a lot of this: So this week, Apple gave me a security update: Then, a couple of days later, they gave me another. Only it wasn’t a new security update. It was an update […]

  • You can’t ship laptop batteries to Alaska

    This sucks. You can’t bring a battery through security (as carry-on luggage) unless it’s powering a device. So that eliminates replacement batteries for a device you aren’t carrying with you. And you can’t take a lithium battery as checked luggage in passenger aircraft. Period. Nor does there appear to be any way (for a consumer)  […]

  • Easy Secure Passwords

    In the spirit of the XKCD cartoon, I’ve written a tool to help me think of really secure, really memorable passwords. For example, here is a set of 5 such passwords chosen at random from a pool of 3 million million million passwords: starkly.scoop.drawer.gifted.become stack.epilogue.surprise.print.ancillary beast.incentive.cloud.country.magical practiced.original.sinusitis.low-wage.widowed snarl.ritual.trouble.power.shoreline But that’s a lot of typing. If […]

  • Schneier on Security Theater

    Bruce Schneier weighs in on security theater: Exactly two things have made airplane travel safer since 9/11: reinforcing the cockpit door, and convincing passengers they need to fight back. Everything else has been a waste of money. Add screening of checked bags and airport workers and we’re done. Take all the rest of the money […]