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MacOSX Security Updates

I hate them, because I know they probably should be installed, but they take about an hour to install. I see a lot of this:

For whatever reason, it tends to camp out around 40 minutes. I’ll come back and it will say 42 minutes, or 41, or 43, but rarely anything below 40 or over 45.

So this week, Apple gave me a security update:

Note the size of this file. Some of have bandwidth caps, Apple.

Then, a couple of days later, they gave me another. Only it wasn’t a new security update. It was an update of the first update.

You can’t ship laptop batteries to Alaska

This sucks. You can’t bring a battery through security (as carry-on luggage) unless it’s powering a device. So that eliminates replacement batteries for a device you aren’t carrying with you. And you can’t take a lithium battery as checked luggage in passenger aircraft. Period.

Nor does there appear to be any way (for a consumer)  to ship stuff here on a genuine cargo plane.

Well. That throws a monkey wrench in my plans.


Easy Secure Passwords

In the spirit of the XKCD cartoon, I’ve written a tool to help me think of really secure, really memorable passwords.

For example, here is a set of 5 such passwords chosen at random from a pool of 3 million million million passwords:


But that’s a lot of typing. If you’re willing to be less secure, here are 5 sample passwords chosen at random from a much smaller set of just 625 million million passwords:


Still too much typing? How about these 5 super-easy passwords chosen at random from a set of just 425 million passwords:


Schneier on Security Theater

Bruce Schneier weighs in on security theater:

Exactly two things have made airplane travel safer since 9/11: reinforcing the cockpit door, and convincing passengers they need to fight back. Everything else has been a waste of money. Add screening of checked bags and airport workers and we’re done. Take all the rest of the money and spend it on investigation and intelligence.

Kudus: Gruber.