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  • Star Wars meets Frozen

  • Tab Sweep Saturday

    Just a few tabs this week: I really liked this: 1000 frame/sec video of an eagle owl’s final approach toward the camera. Also this, which combines Legos, Star Wars, and computer graphics for a nerdy trifecta: Lego Millennium Falcon Stop Motion Assembly 3d from Francisco Prieto on Vimeo. And, finally, a Firefly panel: (There are […]

  • Angry Birds And Star Wars

    Cute mash-ups of Angry Birds and Star Wars. Here’s an example: Bite.ca | Angry Birds And Star Wars.

  • Talking to Your Kids About Star Wars

    With all the changes just in the past generation, it can be pretty hard to raise kids right. I’m glad there are people who are committed to helping parents deal with the tough issues:

  • When the Livin’ is Good!

    I came home from church tonight and found the kids watching The Empire Strikes Back, so I had to join them to watch the conclusion. Mr. Rico isn’t as much of a Star Wars fan as me, however. He was content to cat-nap atop the laundry on the gaming chair.