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Tab Sweep Saturday

Just a few tabs this week:

I really liked this: 1000 frame/sec video of an eagle owl’s final approach toward the camera.

Also this, which combines Legos, Star Wars, and computer graphics for a nerdy trifecta:

And, finally, a Firefly panel:

(There are several additional bits from that same panel.)

Eurology – Now With the Amazing Flute-Cam!

I happened on this video earlier while looking for Ian Anderson‘s “Eurology.” This is a very creditable cover version, but what makes it worth watching is the amazing flute-camera the artist (Jackinart) put together.

At first, watching it makes you a little sea-sick, but it’s worth watching to see how a flutist holds their instrument. I always thought there would be more wobble than this, but it’s pretty much rock-steady. Very impressive. And a great song, of course.