Blog administrative notes

I set up my first mailing list. Like many webserver accounts, this one comes with a certain number of mailing lists, but I never had a use for one until now. One of my associates back at seminary suggested that we all keep in touch now that all but the real sluggards have graduated. (Some of us even have jobs!) I didn’t want to maintain a bunch of email addresses for all these people as they move around (e.g., when/if the sluggards graduate and lose their seminary email accounts) so I knew that a mailing list was just the ticket.

Also, the blog is working again. (This one. Which you’re reading.) I asked the tech support people here for a feature upgrade and something went wrong so I was down for a day. (The feature upgrade was moving from PHP 4.x to 5.x and it broke something. I thought that WordPress was unhappy with PHP 5 so I reinstalled it so it could be introduced properly to its new hosting environment, but the problem persisted, thus fingering the PHP setup as the culprit. The tech support people here immediately fixed the problem, and everything was hunky-dory.) A small price to pay, since I routinely go more than a day between page-views, and that’s counting the search-engine spiders and the ‘bots trying to push comment-spam on me.

The reason I went through feature-upgrade heck (although that term is too strong) was so I could install MediaWiki, the engine that powers mighty WikiPedia. I have great plans for it. Watch this space for coming announcements.







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