Do you like the new server?

I’m not dead, just pretending.

Actually, I’m busy. Busy at work and at home. Even my hobbies like this one are busy, it’s just that you can’t tell. For example, this domain is now hosted on a new system. (You might have noticed I was offline a couple of times in the past week or so.) I’m working on a new project (a wiki for my non-blog site) and the server I was on didn’t have a feature I needed, so I had to have them migrate me to one that did.

I also set up a mailing list, but you’re not on it so what do you care?

(Huh. I just noticed that WP is up to 2.0.5. I suppose I ought to upgrade; the blog shouldn’t just be the victim of unrelated system configuration changes. It should be the victim of related changes.)

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