Month: February 2011

  • Review: The Indian Slow Cooker

    For Valentine’s Day I was given a cookbook called the Indian Slow Cooker, by Anupy Singh. We’ve only eaten two things from it so far, but, wow! they were awesome. The first meal was Punjabi Curried Kidney Beans, and the second was Goan Black-Eyed Peas. Oh. My. goodness. Totally awesome.

  • I Translated Some Hebrew

    I’m doing this project in 2011, where I try to re-acquire some of the Hebrew I’ve forgotten in the five years since seminary. This morning, I translated some narrative (the easiest kind) and I got through four whole verses in just thirty minutes. (Yay!) I had to guess at about half the word endings (is […]

  • Follow Me, Boys!

    Tonight’s movie was Follow Me, Boys! from Disney. Being a Disney movie of a certain age, it therefore stars Fred MacMurray and, not so much, Kurt Russell. I was amazed to see it also featured Lillian Gish. She was only 22 when she appeared in Birth of a Nation, so it’s not like she was […]