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  • Software Update

    In the mid-1990’s I worked for a telecommunications firm that was trying to make a set top box for interactive television. (This was even as the internet was exploding. Read Michael Lewis’ The Next Next Thing to find out what the “B Team” was working on.) One of the things I spent a lot of […]

  • Plus Ca Change

    I got a new phone. It’s about a zillion times better than my previous one (column 3 vs. 6 in this chart). But it’s not powerful enough to keep Facebook from sucking:

  • Sync iOS Calendar with Multiple Google Apps Calendars

    In a previous posting, I said I had problems connecting with more than one Google calendar per Google app. I assumed that was a misfeature of the syncing capability of the iOS calendar apps. But I was wrong. The problem was with Google — or, really, with me. Google provides an interface called iPhone Select. […]

  • Google Docs on Mobile Devices

    This is cool: you can now edit your Google docs on your mobile devices. I’ve become quite the fan of Google Docs. That whole cloud thing beats emailing a spreadsheet back and forth between me, the church secretary, and the clerk of session. To say nothing of automated offsite backups, and (now) mobile access. Also, […]