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  • tidyview

    tidy-viewer (tv) format json into table view N.B. there’s another program (tv-cli) that installs the ‘tv‘ table viewer for json that can wind up in your .cargo/bin – if that happens, then you’ll need to set up aliases or something so you can use the one you want.

  • CSV from the command line

    There’s a whole bunch of tools out there: miller seems to be the most versitile (that I could install without effort) xsv also looks good. dasel appears to be similar, but I haven’t tried it yet. pspg looks very good. The instructions to install csvtk are out of date (go get instead of go install) […]

  • OpenSSL problem on (older?) Macs

    I had a whole bunch of problems break my podcast all at once, and I’m slowly figuring them out, one by one. One of the problems is keeping both ruby 2.7.4 and 3.0.2 from building: Because I’m the next thing to a Normie, I never discover a new problem. This one has been observed since […]

  • colout

    colout is an interesting tool: like grep but different. The idea is to highlight lines (or parts of lines) that match a particular pattern. Sadly, it won’t build in my environment, and I don’t understand python well enough to figure out what’s wrong. 🙁

  • Diff Tools, Redux

    Some time ago, I mentioned here how I like to use colordiff. Well, on a Mac I actually prefer Apple’s FileMerge GUI diff tool, which is is part of the Xcode command line tools, and accessible from the command line as opendiff.) I recently discovered diffy, which is similar to colordiff, but offers a -split […]

  • Setting Up a Mac

    Fixing mouse scroll direction, key bindings, setting up Exposé spaces, etc. Installing Keynote, Numbers, and Pages plus any software previously purchased from the App Store. Installing replacement browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Brave, along with Xee and iTerm2 and Skim. Installing MacPorts, then software starting with ImageMagick. Imagemagick because it’s a good test of everything working […]

  • I wouldn’t take it gift-wrapped

    Office 2016 for Mac now available as stand-alone software. I’ve been exposed to Office 2013/Windows, and to get anything done, I have to use Office 2011 on my Mac. I wouldn’t even install Office 2016 on my Mac for $100 even if it left the old version intact. More likely, though, it clobbers the previous […]

  • Windows PC Start-up List

    Download a copy of PC-Decrapifier (or Decrap) and Should I Remove It. (You’ll need to get other things from Ninite (below) but start by getting Revo Uninstaller in case you’re having trouble decrapifying something.) Product Key Finder by Magical Jellybean. From Ninite.com create installers for: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. You can’t have too many alternatives […]

  • Podcast Publication Date

    A couple of weeks (months?) ago, my podcast feed quit including a publication date, and I couldn’t figure it until just the other day. The problem was that my publication tags looked like this: <pubDate>Sun, 05 Apr 2015 19:18:25 AKDT</pubDate> but that won’t validate. It never has, but something must have changed in Apple land […]

  • Tech Links

    LinuxUser (UK): Create a NAS box from spare parts. Ars: Intel’s Broadwell mini-PC. I love the form factor. But then, I’ve owned three Mac Minis. I keep thinking I should learn the R language. Of course, I used to think that about GnuPlot. HowToForge: Installing Git and Using GitHub on Ubuntu. GSoC: SciRuby. There’s a program […]