Tag: csv

  • tidyview

    tidy-viewer (tv) format json into table view N.B. there’s another program (tv-cli) that installs the ‘tv‘ table viewer for json that can wind up in your .cargo/bin – if that happens, then you’ll need to set up aliases or something so you can use the one you want.

  • CSV from the command line

    There’s a whole bunch of tools out there: miller seems to be the most versitile (that I could install without effort) xsv also looks good. dasel appears to be similar, but I haven’t tried it yet. pspg looks very good. The instructions to install csvtk are out of date (go get instead of go install)…

  • Visidata

    I stumbled onto visidata. I’ve got tons of csv files and the ability to view them quickly at the command line is a huge win. But this thing is amazing. Csv files are the tiny tip of a huge iceberg. Update: I’m reminded of the xsv tool, which I discovered and promptly forgot.