Tag: rust

  • Setting Up a Mac

    Fixing mouse scroll direction, key bindings, setting up Exposé spaces, etc. Installing Keynote, Numbers, and Pages plus any software previously purchased from the App Store. Installing replacement browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Brave, along with Xee and iTerm2 and Skim. Installing MacPorts, then software starting with ImageMagick. Imagemagick because it’s a good test of everything working […]

  • More of those CLI Utilities

    I’ve found some more CLI utilities (via this thread) that look like they’re worth further investigation. Zola, a static site generator fd (a/k/a fd-find), an “80% replacement” for find; see also fselect xsv, a tool for working with CSV files broot, another disk analysis/tree replacement sd, a sed replacement cw, a wc replacement hors, a […]