Tag: utilities

  • colout

    colout is an interesting tool: like grep but different. The idea is to highlight lines (or parts of lines) that match a particular pattern. Sadly, it won’t build in my environment, and I don’t understand python well enough to figure out what’s wrong. ­čÖü

  • Useful mac utilities

    Amphetamine is an improvement on caffeinate, and it’s free, too. Rocket lets you type :emoji using colon. 👽💚🐠 Also by the same developer, Vanilla simplifies your status bar.

  • Setting Up a Mac

    Fixing mouse scroll direction, key bindings, setting up Expos├â┬ę spaces, etc. Installing Keynote, Numbers, and Pages plus any software previously purchased from the App Store. Installing replacement browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Brave, along with Xee and iTerm2 and Skim. Installing MacPorts, then software starting with ImageMagick. Imagemagick because it’s a good test of everything working…

  • Setting Up Homebrew on my New Old Mac

    I set up Homebrew on my iMac. (If you go to their site, the├é┬áHomebrew project has documentation there, which explains the whole not-use-sudo├é┬áphilosophy and using /usr/local├é┬ánow that Apple makes it hard not to, but I don’t understand it, so it seems like an invitation to having your machine├é┬árooted. But I’m a greybeard and I quit…

  • Useful system monitoring tools

    $ sudo apt install sysstat nmon htop $ iostat $ vmstat $ htop $ nmon Via.

  • MacPorts tip

    I started getting messages when I tried to update my MacPorts tools. I can’t say when it started, because I don’t do it very often. (Like maybe once a month. Bad me.) But it would bomb out, telling me Error: checksum (md5/sha1/rmd160) mismatch for port. Then it sent me down a wrong path, suggesting it…

  • Diff Tools

    My favorite diff tool is FileMerge, one of Apple’s developer tools, which can be accessed from the command line as opendiff. But from the command line, my (next most) favorite diff tool is colordiff. It’s called that because it color-codes the output when it’s used interactively, making it IMHO easier to see what’s changed. Actually,…