Tag: unix

  • Homebrew

    I guess I’m going to have to put together a master guide from all these entries. Here’s something else you should do: $ brew install coreutils findutils gnu-tar gnu-sed gawk gnutls gnu-indent gnu-getopt (Here’s somebody’s master guide.)

  • Bash Initialization

    Every time I monkey with my .profile or .bashrc file I regret it.(.profile is what graybeards like me use instead of using .bash_profile like all the young people who won’t stay off my lawn.) If you’re like me, you get those confused all the time, so let’s go to the bash(1) man page. (Amazingly, it […]

  • Diff Tools

    My favorite diff tool is FileMerge, one of Apple’s developer tools, which can be accessed from the command line as opendiff. But from the command line, my (next most) favorite diff tool is colordiff. It’s called that because it color-codes the output when it’s used interactively, making it IMHO easier to see what’s changed. Actually, […]

  • Bloody MacPorts

    Here’s what I hate about MacPorts: —> Fetching xorg-bigreqsproto —> Verifying checksum(s) for xorg-bigreqsproto —> Extracting xorg-bigreqsproto —> Configuring xorg-bigreqsproto —> Building xorg-bigreqsproto —> Staging xorg-bigreqsproto into destroot —> Installing xorg-bigreqsproto @1.1.0_0 —> Activating xorg-bigreqsproto @1.1.0_0 —> Cleaning xorg-bigreqsproto —> Fetching xorg-inputproto —> Verifying checksum(s) for xorg-inputproto … etc. You cannot blink without installing X11. […]