Tag: development

  • Code from MSFT Visual Studio

    A standalone programmer’s editor from Microsoft. And it’s cross-platform. And apparently it’s built on Google Chrome.

  • Podcast Publication Date

    A couple of weeks (months?) ago, my podcast feed quit including a publication date, and I couldn’t figure it until just the other day. The problem was that my publication tags looked like this: <pubDate>Sun, 05 Apr 2015 19:18:25 AKDT</pubDate> but that won’t validate. It never has, but something must have changed in Apple land […]

  • Problems with ObamaCare

    Quite apart from the wisdom of interfering with great swaths of the economy to create new entitlements, there is the practical matter of making it work. And that’s proving to be a problem for people working on the Obamacare web site at HealthCare.gov: The better way to do things is a school of software development […]

  • Intelligence and Disease

    Why are some places more blessed with smart people? (Yes, I assume that more smarter people is better for a society, and no, I won’t attempt to convince you.) Some recent studies suggest that disease may be the reason for uneven distribution of intelligence: In our 2010 study, we not only found a very strong […]