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Problems with ObamaCare

Quite apart from the wisdom of interfering with great swaths of the economy to create new entitlements, there is the practical matter of making it work. And that’s proving to be a problem for people working on the Obamacare web … Continue reading

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Last Frontier for Obamacare Exchange

A week ago I asked prospective Democrat candidate for governor Hollis French if he, as governor, would enter Alaska in the new Medicaid program. He replied, “Absolutely, yes.” (The argument he made is depressingly common among the people here: you … Continue reading

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Obamacare – the real problem

The original Affordable Care Act was only 2700 pages. So far, the various executive agencies have published 20,000 more pages of regulation to implement the act. So far. Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell’s office tweeted a picture that illustrates how … Continue reading

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