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Tech Links

Simple Audio Conversion with FFMpeg. Is that still a thing? I can’t keep up with all the forks.

On-demand System Tray. I can’t stand the Unity Panel. Give me back my WindowMaker. (Like that’s going to happen. Even MacOSX is disowning the awesome NeXT UX.)

How to add extra airplanes on FlightGear Flight Simulator. I’m not much of a gamer so I didn’t know there was such a game. But, judging from the screenshots, Linux games have sure improved.

Tech Links

LinuxUser (UK): Create a NAS box from spare parts.

Ars: Intel’s Broadwell mini-PC. I love the form factor. But then, I’ve owned three Mac Minis.

I keep thinking I should learn the R language. Of course, I used to think that about GnuPlot.

HowToForge: Installing Git and Using GitHub on Ubuntu.

GSoC: SciRuby. There’s a program I’d love to rewrite 20 years later using a high-level language to do the Fast Fourier Transforms. I’m not sure what I’d use for the GUI.

Web UpD8: Install the official Telegram client for Linux.