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Awesome Customer Service – Nuance

Earlier today, I posted my initial review of Dragon 2.0, and tweeted the blog entry. I didn’t pan this upgrade, but it wasn’t the most positive review ever. I stand by the review, in any case.

But. I just got a message from Nuance giving me some advice about one of the complaints. And this isn’t the first time that’s happened. A year ago, when I posted my last review, someone at Nuance/MacSpeech followed up with a Twitter response within a few hours. I thought that was a fluke. Apparently it isn’t.

Many (or even most?) software companies make it extraordinarily difficult for you to give them any kind of feedback, much less get help. I used to work in one of the biggest computer companies out there; I know how that is.

But twice now, I’ve gotten a considered response from Nuance/MacSpeech in almost no time.

You know, that makes up for a lot.