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Internet-Enabled TV

We got rid of our cable nearly 15 years ago, and haven’t seen any broadcast TV since then, except at neighbors’ homes. We are great patrons of Netflix and the library’s DVD loan program.

Increasingly, we get a lot of content off the internet, which we watch on our computers. I’d been wondering how to watch internet content on our TV. Now I know, courtesy Tyler Stanton (yes, the Tyler Stanton of Tripp and Tyler fame).


I haven’t blogged lately. (No duh.) Christmas is a busy time for a preacher-man, and January’s busy for a Presbyterian. Plus, I had a vacation in there, too.

But I’m back now, and I thought I’d mention my latest TV show. As you know, I watch TV while I do my cardio workout every night.

Back in September, as you may recall, I decided to try this show with Firefly alum Adam Baldwin called Chuck. That was pretty good. But there’s only three seasons of Chuck available at Netflix, so I finished it awhile back.

After that, I watched some movies, but in mid-December I decided to follow up Chuck with Firefly alum Nathan Fillion‘s show Castle. Which I really liked.

It’s another romantic comedy like Chuck, but the setting is different. Instead of Nerds and Spies, it’s Cops and Murderers. You can go read about it at Wikipedia and elsewhere, but I just finished the second season and now I’ve got to wait until summer to find out what happens next. (The big question: when it hits Netflix, which will I catch up on first: Chuck season 4, or Castle season 3?)

Chuck Music

New music is one of the unexpected benefits of having suddenly discovered the awesomeness that is the TV show Chuck.

I hardly listen to the radio, and the radio stations up in the high desert are why. We don’t even get AM radio up here. There’s not much on the FM side either: a handful of religious stations, only one of which has any music to speak of; a country-and-western station, which I don’t listen to; and a classic rock station down in Palm Springs, whose music I’ve known about these last 25-30 years. That leaves KCDZ 107, the only truly local station up here. And, sadly, I don’t care for the music it plays. At all. (Sorry.)

But Chuck has all kinds of music, and I’ve only heard some of it. So, for example: “Now We Can See,” by the Thermals? Great song, and an awesome choice for the scene in “Chuck vs. The Ring” where Chuck and Casey tell Emmett they’ve quit.

Or “Bye, Bye, Bye,” by Plants and Animals? Again, an excellent song, and a perfect for the Parisian ending of “Chuck vs. The Other Guy.” (In part because it foreshadows the following episode.)

Or, from “Chuck vs. the Tooth,” how about — content advisory! — “Right Round,” by Flo Rida? (That link is probably NSFW, by the way.) There were a whole bunch of versions on Amazon (including about a dozen Karaoke treatments) so I got the one that wasn’t marked “explicit lyrics.” Well. It makes me wonder what they could do to make the lyrics any more explicit. It’s a good tune, though.

But there are also gems like “Mr. Roboto.” Kidding. I never liked the version by Styx, to be honest. But this cover version by Jeffster is awesome.

Chuck Season 3

So I began watching Chuck I guess in September sometime, and it’s now become my favorite TV show ever because of its uncanny degree of awesomeness.

So, okay, they finally resolved the tension between Chuck and Sarah over the course of Episodes #48-50 (Chuck vs. the Other Guy, vs. the Honeymooners, and vs. the Role Models). Good for them. Very well done, and what’s not to like?

But I just watched Episode # 51 (16 of Season 3), “Chuck Vs. the Tooth.” I guess there’s some kind of rule that says you have to have tension, because that’s what they’ve got now. The only thing they could have done to ratchet it up any worse would be to put Joss Whedon in charge of an episode to kill off a couple of the main characters.


I’ve been looking for some TV-on-DVD to watch while I exercise, and a couple of weeks ago I hit on the series “Chuck.” Initially, I only watched it to see what Adam Baldwin (a/k/a Jayne “I’ll be in my bunk” Cobb) was doing these days. But as of a couple of episodes into season 2, I’m liking the whole show. Of course, I have to root for the nerd to get the girl.