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Dragon Dictate 2.5 – not interested

I won’t be taking advantage of the offer I was emailed today, announcing the opportunity to spend $100 to upgrade from 2.0 to 2.5 of Dragon Dictate. I like that software, I truly do. In five or ten years it … Continue reading

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iTunes playlists, Drag’n’Drop, and Wacom tablets

I noticed that with iTunes 10.4 (80) I can no longer drag songs from one playlist to another. It doesn’t matter whether the source is a smart playlist or a regular dumb one, or even the main music library. As … Continue reading

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Monsoon Panorama

Microsoft has a free iOS app called PhotoSynth that stitches photos together into a panorama. It does a pretty good job. Here’s an example: That’s cropped and slightly color-corrected. The original looks like this. We see clouds like that during … Continue reading

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